What A Year!


2018 was nothing short of amazing for Precious Paws Rescue. I say it all the time but we are a small rescue, we typically have 5-10 active fosters at any given time. We are in no way a large organization and we don’t take in or adopt out hundreds of dogs per year. But with our small group of fosters and volunteers we are making HUGE differences in the lives of homeless dogs. In 2018 we adopted out 68 dogs! 68! That’s 68 lives who may not be here today without our amazing team of volunteers. 68 families who now have an additional furry family member. AND 68 more dogs who have been fully vetted so they are no longer or never will contribute to the homeless animal population.

In 2018 we also partnered with Save A Dog Network Canada – a rescue on the ground in Manitoba that is working tirelessly to improve the conditions for animals and people in northern Manitoba First Nation’s communities. SADN is doing spay/neuter projects in the communities, assisting with food/resources and also removing stray and unwanted animals and sending them out to rescues like ours to have them vetted and adopted out. We are so thankful for the work that SADN is doing in Manitoba and we are grateful to play a small role in the rescue efforts there by taking in as many dogs as we were able to from those communities in 2018. We were also able to assist one of the spay/neuter projects by donating $1,000 from Boo’s Fund thanks to our generous donors!

Besides assisting with the spay/neuter project in Manitoba, Boo’s Fund resources also went to helping a feral cat population in Mount Albert, Ontario in 2018. We were made aware of a mobile home community that was home to approx. 200 feral cats. We donated $200 from Boo’s Fund to assist with TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) efforts in that community. We have plans to grow Boo’s Fund even more in 2019 to be able to make an even bigger difference for families and communities who need us!

Every dog that we took into rescue in 2018 (and every single year previous) was taken into a loving foster home and provided with all the basics and more for care. Every single dog was examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated, tested and treated for parasites, had bloodwork done, was microchipped and was spayed/neutered. We also had several dogs who needed additional veterinary care. Lucy had both ear canals removed due to chronic untreated infections and then she was adopted. Wyatt saw a dental specialist because he had no enamel on his teeth, he received a full dental surgery to correct the issue and then he was adopted. Mena and Colleen both came to us from entirely different areas and both were heartworm positive – they were treated and once they were negative they both found loving homes.

To say that I am proud of the work we do is a gross understatement. Words cannot express how grateful I am to all of the volunteers, adopters and donors who make up Precious Paws Rescue. Without each and every one of you who knows what would have happened to those 68 dogs we adopted out last year. Who knows what would have happened to the additional 3 dogs we still had in foster at the end of 2018. It’s because of you that we are making a difference. So THANK YOU for an incredible year of rescue and I truly can’t wait to see what a difference we make in 2019 together!

Precious Paws Rescue

To improve the quality of life for animals in need through foster care and adoption programs, comprehensive veterinary care, behavioural assessments and training, and public education.

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