We say it all the time but I’ll say it again here for those who may have missed it – Precious Paws Rescue is (and always has been) run ENTIRELY by volunteers. People who have families of their own, jobs of their own, pets of their own and busy lives of their own. But they give up even more of themselves for this amazing cause because they care about the animals we make a difference for. I am forever thanking the many individuals who make up our volunteer team and yet I always feel like I’m not thanking them quite enough because, truly, Precious Paws would not exist without each and every one of them. We have volunteers who have been with Precious Paws since we started almost 13 years ago and we have volunteers who just started out this year. Each of them is vitally important for the time and effort they contribute.

And here’s the thing; we could do SO MUCH MORE if we had more help. We could do more store events where we showcase Precious Paws and spread the word about the work we do. We could do bigger and better fundraisers to raise money to assist even more dogs that need us. We could develop even more programs that help our communities with the pets they have in their lives already. We could make EVEN MORE of a difference in the lives of the animals we love and want so badly to help. We just can’t do it alone.

I often hear “I couldn’t foster because I’d just keep them all” or “I can’t do what you do, you must see some awful things” or any number of remarks along those lines. And I get it, I do. Fostering is not for everyone although, trust me, it’s equally as hard for every one of our foster volunteers as it would be for you. Loving and caring for a pet in our homes and then giving them up to an adoptive family is HARD. I’ve cried countless tears over dogs that I bonded with but had to let go. Was it hard? Of course! Sometimes it feels impossible. And yet I do it over and over and over again. Why? Because there’s another one who needs me. Because, while my heart might break because I had to say goodbye to a dog I love, I know that dog is going to live an amazing life with their new family. And I also know that there’s another dog that’s just waiting to get off the street, out of a shelter, or out of a home that’s just not able to meet their needs. By saying goodbye I get to save another life. And my heart will break again, sure, but I don’t focus on that. I focus on the sheer joy that the happy adoption updates give me. The photos and emails and texts that I receive from the families we adopted to who are absolutely thrilled and completely in love with the dogs we let go for them. That’s a feel-good feeling that you just can’t get anywhere else!

Still not convinced? That’s okay! We STILL NEED YOU. There is so much more to rescue than fostering. We need people to help with administrative tasks, we need people who can show up at events and talk to the public about our cause, we need people who will help organize fundraisers and special events, frankly WE NEED PEOPLE! We have opportunities for extra exposure that we have to say no to because we just don’t have enough volunteers to be able to commit to everything. And that’s a shame for our dogs who could really use those opportunities.

So think about it. Do you have a few extra hours each week or even each month that you could spare for Precious Paws? Do it for the dogs. Do it for you! There’s no way you could regret giving some of your time to help these very deserving souls. Want to foster? Fill out our online application here on our website. Want to volunteer in a different capacity? Send us an email! We’d LOVE to hear from you!

Precious Paws Rescue

To improve the quality of life for animals in need through foster care and adoption programs, comprehensive veterinary care, behavioural assessments and training, and public education.

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