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What A Year!

2018 was nothing short of amazing for Precious Paws Rescue. I say it all the time but we are a small rescue, we typically have 5-10 active fosters at any given time. We are in no way a large organization and we don't take in or adopt out hundreds of dogs per year. But with our small group of fosters and volunteers we are making HUGE differences in the lives of homeless dogs. In 2018 we adopted out 68 dogs! 68! That's 68 lives who may not be here today without our amazing team of volunteers. 68 families who now have an additional furry family member.

The Wear and Tear of Rescue

I've been at this a while. A long while. Before Precious Paws I was in the "rescue world" and animal sheltering for several years and now Precious Paws is entering our 13th year. That's roughly 20ish years of rescue. And I love it. I have loved rescue since the first day that I walked into the Northumberland Humane Society and started cleaning cat cages. I loved it enough to let it direct my life onto the path that I've followed thus far. I have met some of the most important people in my life because of rescue. I have discovered my strengths and capabilities because of rescue.

Boo's Fund

As a rescue, we get owner surrender requests nearly every day. There's a million different reasons; moving, new baby, behavioural issues, etc., and while we do our best to encourage people to work through the issues they are having, find pet-friendly housing, etc., more often than not the owner has already decided they are giving up the dog and that's that. So we do our best to accomodate these dogs into the rescue when we have suitable foster homes, we get them vetted, we work on the behavioural stuff and we get them ready to start their new lives.