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Before inquiring about a specific dog for adoption, please ensure you have read their complete bio. We try to provide a complete description of each dog’s preferences in their write up including whether they are good with children and/or other pets. Adoption fees for each dog are also listed in their bio. If you still have questions about a dog you’re interested in please send us a message and one of our volunteers will respond as soon as possible.

The first step if you are interested in adopting one of our available dogs is to complete the following Adoption Application. Once your application is received one of our volunteers will review it and then get in touch with you to schedule a time for an interview. When possible, we request a Skype or Facetime interview with you, so that we can complete your “phone interview” and “home visit” all at once. If these applications are not available to you we will schedule your phone interview first and, following that, we will schedule a home visit where a volunteer visits to meet all family members and see where the dog would be living.

Our focus is on making the best match, not only for our rescue dogs, but also for our adoptive families. We want our adoptions to be successful for all involved so please understand that our adoption process is in place to ensure this happens. If you have any questions please click over to our “Frequently Asked Questions” page or send us a message!


When filling out the following application please ensure that you respond to all questions. If a question is not applicable kindly answer with N/A. Please notify your veterinarian and landlord (if you have one) that we will be contacting them for a reference. If you have had pets in the past, but do not currently have any, your most recent veterinarian information is required. Veterinarians cannot release information to us without your permission and if you have not done so this will delay your application. Please understand that Precious Paws Rescue is run entirely by volunteers, with jobs, families and pets of our own. It may take a short while before you hear from us, so please be patient.

**PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT accept applications for dogs who are not listed as available on our website. If you saw a dog on our social media pages but you do not see them listed on our Adoption page please DO NOT apply. Your application will not be accepted and will not be kept on file. You must wait until the dog is available for adoption. Thank you! 

Adoption Application Form
include area code
By submitting this application I certify that the information provided on this form is true and correct. I acknowledge that I am financially and physically able to care for this animal. I understand that proper food, water, shelter and veterinary care are necessary and may be costly, and I am prepared to meet those requirements should I be the successful applicant for this dog. I understand that home visits are mandatory prior to adoption approval. I understand that Precious Paws Rescue reserves the right to refuse an adoption applicant. Please initial above to indicate your agreement.
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